A feature about the fraught politics of Washington’s would-be carbon tax foreshadowed fights about the so-called Green New Deal.

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A post about traffic collisions and fatalities featuring five interactive data visualizations I created in Tableau.

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An example of breaking news on my beat, based on documents leaked from an official source.


My most ambitious reporting yet uncovered a pattern of sexual assault and abuse in a West Coast music subculture.

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A fun-but-serious story about gentrification, community organizing, and what elected officials sing at karaoke.

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A post about labor economics and race in baseball, told through the story of Bobby Madritsch, a rare Native American major leaguer.

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A three-part investigative series about how Seattle’s justice system interacts with the most vulnerable transit riders.


Breaking news coverage of how the Orlando nightclub shooting resonated with Seattle’s gay community, reported the day of the incident.

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A strong example of government accountability reporting on my beat.